No, a referral is not required.  You can refer your child to speech pathology via this link. Appointments can be made by contacting our clinic directly. Some referrals may entitle you to Medicare rebates – please  see our Funding Options page for more information.

Please see our About page for more information about what a speech pathologist is, and how we can help.

Yes. Please contact our clinic to discuss your needs. Travel fees may apply.

This initial appointment involves working with the parent/caregiver to plan an individualised service for the child, based on a comprehensive case history. This is an important step before assessment as it allows us to gain information vital to selecting the most appropriate assessment for the child.

Upon making an appointment, you will be sent (via email or post) a case history form which we ask that you complete prior to your initial appointment. This can be completed online here. The Speech Pathologist will then read the information provided and ask further questions to receive an accurate representation of the child’s needs in a range of areas. 

The speech pathologist will undertake an informal assessment of your child’s overall communication skills. This will generally consist of play activities designed to look at each of the target areas. The assessment is usually a fun and enjoyable experience for children. The speech pathologist will discuss with you a plan to best support the child, and will inform you if further assessment is required.

Yes, please see our Telehealth page for more information

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